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The Procession

The procession marks the beginning of the UTM Convocation Ceremony.

This colourful event is stepped in tradition that reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Traditional gamelan music accompanying the procession provides added splendour to the occasion.

The ceremony begins with guests taking their seats in the hall. Next, the procession of graduates donned in the convocation attire with lapel of their respective faculty colours entered the hall.

Then followed by Academic’s procession comprising Academic Staff, Members of Senate, Senior Officials and Vice-Chancellors/ Rectors of other universities.

A ceremonial commander carrying the Keris Ganja Seiras Melela, the symbol of authority of UTM leads the ensuing Royal Procession, marking the entrance of Her Royal Highness the Chancellor, accompanied by the pro-chancellors, Chairman of Board of Directors, Vice-Chancellor and Registrar.