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Dewan Sultan Iskandar is the main hall in UTM where ceremonies and main events are held. The prominent and unique of this hall is where every convocation has been held and has become the pride of all UTM graduates. This hall is named after His Majesty, the late Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail, the second UTM Chancellor. The hall was officiated by the third UTM Chancellor on December 3, 1989.

The hall was designed by the university’s architects and it emphasizes the unique concept of Malay architecture. This hall has two floors, the ground floor is the main space, divided into three parts; terrace, terrain and the stage. While the next level has a gallery and a special space known as the Royal Annexe for special guests.

The space at the second level is larger than the ground floor and the sides are surrounded by girder taking the concept of Malay house. The background of the stage is based on wood adorned with carvings and complete with gold woven tapestry symbolizing the Malay traditional technology. The gold and maroon tapestry used as the stage backdrop creates a sense of harmony with the convocation robes made of gold songket trimmings. The multilevel designed rooftops suits the climate of the country which is constantly exposed to the rain and sun throughout the year.

The walls of the building were constructed of concrete framework designed like the adjoining wood structure in Malay house. The main entrance is carved with black pepper motives representing the main crop of Johor. The hall can accommodate almost 3,456 guests in a time.